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Smart Pointers

Smart pointers have been the subject of hecatombs of code written and rivers of ink consumed by programmers and writers around the world.
A smart pointer is a C++ class that mimics a regular pointer in syntax and some semantics, but it does more.
In brief, smart pointers are C++ objects that simulate simple pointers by implementing operator-> and the unary operator*.

In this report there are reviewed following questions:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of smart pointers
  • Ownership management strategies
  • Implicit conversions
  • Tests and comparisons
  • Multithreading issues

Reporter: Taras Leginevych

Smart Pointers

In computer science, a smart pointer is an abstract data type that simulates a pointer while providing additional features, such as automatic memory management or bounds checking. These additional features are intended to reduce bugs caused by the misuse of pointers while retaining efficiency. Smart pointers typically keep track of the memory they point to. They may also be used to manage other resources, such as network connections and file handles.


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